Rules and Regulations -Regular Classes

1. A Registration fee is due at the time of registration, $ 55/- and is non-refundable.

2. The registration fee guarantees placement for the class chosen.

3. Monthly fees are due by the first class of every month. Outstanding is due on 10th of every month. Will be charged $5 late fee together with the monthly fees. Fees will be charged for every 4 classes.

4. Withdrawing from class requires a two-week written notice, tuition fee will be charged otherwise.

5. Uniforms will have to be stitched on your own (Purple Tops and Olive-Green Salwar) or can order from our school for $35. Age 14 and above has to tie dance saree with pyjama and blouse.

6. Payment will be accepted by Cash/ bank transfer/Online. Bank transfer has to produce with a valid receipt.

7. Admin Matters Please contact Mdm Valli: +65 93651125

  Email Id:


1. Please come to dance class with proper attire. Dress code will be enforced. (Uniform colour – Purple pyjama and pink kurta)

2. Hair must be tied either pony tail or braids.

3. Hair colouring not permitted. Visible tattoos and body art will not be permitted.

4. No food or juice is permitted inside the classroom. Only water bottle is allowed.

5. Please inform instructor any previous injuries and accepting class on your own risk.

6. No valuable Jewellery is permitted. If it is lost or stolen our school is not responsible for it

7. Children leaving with an adult other than parents must inform the teacher at drop off.

8. Do not drop off your child off more than 10 minutes before and after the class.

9. Pick up and drop off your child on time. If you failed to pick up your child on time there be a $5 fee will be charged for late pick up.

10. Our school has a zero tolerance of bullying and violation will result in withdrawal of classes.


1. Attendance is important in order to get best education in dance/visual arts.

2. Students must arrive class 10 mins earlier in order to prepare mentally and physically.

3. If a class is cancelled by teacher, a make-up class can be scheduled in a different class. This must be done within 4 weeks of the missed class.

4. If a student missed the class, that there won’t be any replacement class given to his/her. However, class fees have to pay for full month of 4 classes.

5. If the student travel abroad during the school days, fees will be collected. If failed to make payment considered withdrawn. And there will be re-joining fees $55/- together with monthly fees is applied if she/he comes back.